How many times have doctors and the medical industry been wrong and made mistakes? Wrong enough times to be the #3 reason people die each year in the United States. Only heart disease and cancer kill more people. Accidental death from hospital stays and medication side effects killed 146,571 people in a 2016 according to a report from the CDC. Stroke killed 140,323, Alzheimer’s disease 110,561, diabetes 79,535, influenza and pneumonia 57,062, kidney disease 49,959, and intentional self-harm (suicide) killed 44,193 people. Sepsis is ranked the 11th major cause of death, liver disease #12, Parkinson’s #13, and assault #14.

Look closely at what this reports. Its not until reason #14, where one person deliberately choosing to assault another, results in death. Every other reason is related to health, and the 3rd top reason is a result of being in the hospital or needing medications.

What this tells me: Stay healthy – Stop going to doctors for health “management” – and if I do get sick, use natural therapies – avoid the hospital and medications at all cost. Now of course in the event of a car accident or lost limb, yes of course I’ll go the hospital. But for everyday care and eduction, NO!

Healthy Choices To Fight The Common Cold

Consider the common cold. Everyone knows there is no cure for the common cold. Doctors, scientists, pharmacists, and even everyday normal grandmothers know there is not a cure. But there are many treatments to lessen the unpleasant symptoms we experience.

Most times, a cold results from a virus that has entered the body. When we catch a cold, it must run its course before we feel better.

It takes about four to five days for the cold symptoms to cycle through and stop. We may feel a sore throat, achy, tired, feverish, runny/stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, and runny eyes. No medication will kill the virus once it is inside the body; there is no need. A healthy immune system, the body’s self-defense network is activated at the first indication of the virus being present.

True Choices To Heal The Body

Give the body what is needs to heal itself: rest, clean water, fresh oxygen, sunlight, and nutrients – and it will. The problem is most of us don’t want to wait, or we don’t take the time to rest, because we feel we need to work.

The same principle holds true for any disease caused by a virus or bacteria. Give the body what it needs and it will heal itself. Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten that. Our ancestors knew what to do. Where do you think all those old-fashioned home remedies came from?

The problem most of us experience today, is we have forgotten how to care for our bodies. And whether out of laziness, apathy, ignorance or some other reasons, we need to get back to self-care and quit relying on doctors and the health care system to educate us.

Our Choice To Live

Here is another motivating reason to keep you, your partner, and your children healthy: The hospital and the court might just decide you’re not worth trying to save once inside their “health-care system.”

I just heard about Alfie Evans, the 23 month old toddler from the UK, who the court ruled based on “extensive damage” in Alfie’s brain, his breathing could be stopped as of 9 p.m. Monday, April 23, 2018. The hospital has recommended that active treatments, including oxygen and food be stopped. The parents had no choice in the matter. Even after breathing support was stopped on April 23, little Alfie defied the odds and began breathing on his own. For 6 hours the hospital refused the parents’ requests to even give little Alfie some water! Italy has offered citizenship to Alfie and treatment at a Vatican hospital. And one hour ago as of my writing this, the U.K. court ruled Alfie is not allowed to leave the country.

I don’t care who you are or how much intelligence you may have, NO human being or organization has the right to take away a parent’s right to do everything in their power to save their child. How did we get here?!!

Who Makes The Ultimate Choice – You Or Your Doctor?

Doctors are not the absolute authority on health. I respect them and their education, but they do not know everything. Look at the history of medicine. Consider the ads showing doctors endorsing tobacco, prescribing leeches to reduce blood volume, and cocaine to treat toothache and depression. Remember Thalidomide, the drug that was supposed to enhance fertility, yet instead left hundreds of new born babies with deformed arms and legs?

Just recently, my husband’s 92 year old grandmother had a blocked valve replaced in her heart. The surgery was successful, but her body was having a difficult time adjusting to the increased blood flow the new valve was passing through, and as a result her blood pressure sky rocketed to dangerous levels.

In order to bring down the high blood pressure doctors starting giving her a concoction of various meds, including Lasix. Unfortunately Lasix has a some damaging side effects. It can lead to kidney failure.

One Monday, two weeks after surgery my mother-in-law calls me crying, telling me grandmother is not doing well and is dying. She has fluid in her lungs, her blood pressure is too high, which can lead to a major heart attack. The doctors are treating the high blood pressure with Lasix and using antibiotics to treat the lung infection. To further complicate the situation, grandmother can only stay on the Lasix two more days, because it is causing such damage to her liver that she will have to go on dialysis to treat liver failure, if she continues using the Lasix medication.

After evaluating all the options and listening to the hospital staff, my mother-in-law tells me they may have to put grandmother in hospice care by the weekend, because the hospital is not hopeful about her choices. The family has three choices. Either they bring the blood pressure down using Lasix, causing irreparable damage to the liver, putting her on dialysis treatment for the rest of her life; or stop the Lasix and hope the blood pressure comes down naturally; or prepare for end of life using Hospice care.

I Don’t Like Any Of Those Choices.

Thankfully, her blood pressure came down naturally and after a few days of observation, grandmother went home on Sunday of the same week. Sometimes we need to stop intervening, acting like God, and let the human body repair itself.

What an emotional roller-coaster week for the family! She’s fine, not fine, needs dialysis, she’s dying, she’s recovered, and she’s going home.

Don’t go through what my family just did, or what Alfie Evans’ family is going through.

For most of us, one day way too soon, we too will face similar circumstances – Unless we take proactive steps and use the power of our knowledge.

Make Your Choices Now While You Can, Before They Are Taken Away From You.

You’ve heard “Knowledge is power”? Well, the reverse holds true as well. Lack of knowledge is lack of power. Get the power, get the knowledge. Choose to become educated.

You have all the power. The power of choice. Don’t permit yourself to get into a situation where your power, your choices are taken away from you. Choose to prevent disease in the first place so medical intervention is not needed. Choose to learn.

We are slowly being poisoned through toxins in our environment and the food we eat. Become aware. Wake up. Make changes in what you do, what you eat, what you buy, and where you go. Turn off the video game, log out of Facebook, stop watching mindless entertainment, and ads designed to influence our thinking and behavior.

Medicine never really has been a health-care system, rather it’s a disease-care-management-through-prescription-medication system. Some where along the way, the desire for greater riches and money tainted the system. Think about it. If we were all healthy, there would be no need for drugs and medications; and no sales and no revenue. If we were all healthy the medical industry would nearly be put out of business, except for elective surgery, injuries and accidents.

We Each As Individuals, Are Our Own, Health Maintenance System.

Trust yourself – your educated, enlightened self. Give the body what it needs: nutrients, rest, fresh oxygen, sunlight and water – and it WILL HEAL ITSELF! It’s been proven over and over again; time after time.

If you don’t understand the difference between disease management and health maintenance, YOU REALLY NEED TO JOIN MHAWA at

Choose to be inspired. Choose to feel better and to have greater energy. Choose to power your brain, to increase learning, memory, and retention of information. Choose to live healthy and avoid the medical/pharmaceutical industry – After all, they just might kill you.