How I maintain motivation to keep active. Why I strive for health. At 17 years of age, I started an exercise program because, as most women will admit, I wasn’t happy with the way I looked. It was the discovery of cellulite on my thighs, that began my journey to improve.  Did I ever get off track or get side tracked? Yes, or course. I am not super-woman. 40 years later, I’m still on that journey. Have I achieved my goal? Yes, many times. However it’s important to note, my goal keeps changing. It must. As we age our knowledge & experiences dictate change. Nothing is constant, not even our planet.

As science discovers new realities about nutrition and health it becomes difficult to keep up with that information. It is even more difficult to understand and utilize the information in a simple manner consistent with my current day to day habits that make up my life. Everything seems so complex today. And it is.

Learning how to use a computer, a smart phone, the remote control for a smart tv, even learning how to use a new car can be confusing and difficult. It’s overwhelming. But before I go off on a tangent, let me re-focus my purpose:

I want to share with you how I maintain motivation and why I strive for health.

Two main reasons: I want to know the truth and I don’t want to follow the pack. The pack is usually wrong.

I have learned a few things since I was a teenager and looked at the world through rose-colored glasses.  One thing I have learned is this: People are usually motivated by one of three desires – Money, Power or Sex.

Unfortunately in our culture the desire for money is exceedingly prevalent, so much so, that often marketing and advertising materials are disguised as research, when they are not. Or the numerical data of a scientific study is twisted to report something untrue. For most of us untrained in statistics, this can be a difficult thing to uncover and know what to look for.

Sometimes companies fund research studies with the goal of finding a marketable claim that can then be used in advertising to set their product apart from the competition. Sometimes researchers and physicians can be persuaded (with money, power or sex) to report research findings in a positive outcome, when it really is not positive at all.

Research results depend upon what data is reported, what data is left out, and what questions are asked.

Most of us, as consumers are misled and lied to on a daily basis and may not even be aware of it. Most often we are deceived because someone wants us to buy a certain product.

I have chosen not to trust everything I read, see or hear. I have chosen to trust myself. I know I can trust me. I’m not going to deliberately hurt myself. Unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about medications, supplements, and manufactured food products.

How did I gain the education to start trusting my knowledge?

Quite simple actually; I stopped wasting my time watching senseless television programs and reading fiction novels. I made a conscious decision to learn about how the human body functions and how nutrients (or a lack thereof) impact human health.

Frankly, I became sick and tired of reading or hearing conflicting reports on particular topics. For example, many years ago I read a study stating this conclusion, “Eggs are healthy – eat plenty of eggs.” The following year I read a new study with a different outcome – “Stop eating eggs – eggs are unhealthy.”

Who’s study is correct? How can polar opposite conclusions be reached on the same subject?

This is where my desire for education originated. I started studying the human body and how it functions. I also read many, many nutrition books.  I noticed consistencies in explanations and conclusions. This built confidence because it made logical sense to my mind.

As I put into practice what I learned and experienced the results first hand, it further reinforced my confidence that what I was learning was true.

Not following the pack.

This last weekend I attended a college re-union. It’s been 39 years since I’ve seen many of those in attendance. Yes we all looked older, a little more gray, and a few more wrinkles; but what really struck me was how many had become fat. Not just a little belly, but noticeably overweight.

I am not trying to toot my own horn, nor do I want anyone to feel bad, but I am very happy that I feel energetic, and am not overweight. I honestly feel, given the choice, most of us would want to feel good and like the way we look. Seriously, does anyone wake up in the morning and say “I want to be overweight, I want rolls of fat, I want to feel terrible and have no energy”?

My point – not everyone has been given an equal opportunity to learn how to obtain and enjoy a healthy life.

What do I mean by an equal opportunity? First, not everyone wants to become a nutritionist or pursue nutrition as a career. Second, most of us have not been trained on what to look for in commercials and advertisements.

I know, only because in college I earned a BA degree in marketing.

I know what points to highlight in an advertisement and what points to not share.  I know how to make a product look appealing to the target market. I know how to develop an ad that evokes consumer emotions and entices a response.

Reinforced passion to empower those who need it most.

Seeing my overweight classmates reinforced my passion to empower people, so they are no longer victimized. The pack has been lied to and misled.  My life’s work is to teach and encourage others to become self-educated, so each individual may make informed decisions about their own health and nutrition choices.

I believe given the choice, everyone wants to experience vibrant, energetic health in a body that moves effortlessly, without pain; one with a brain that thinks and reasons clearly, learns new information easily and retains that information to recall quickly at a later date.

No one desires to be unhealthy, tired, or in pain.

No one wishes to be mentally impaired. Don’t we all want to be better, to be the best we can be? Of course we do. However, we don’t really know the facts or the steps on how to achieve this. The truth has been hidden.

The current so-called “research” is so confusing, many people have given up trying to lose weight, eat healthy or exercise. Product packaging and advertising further complicate the situation, making it nearly impossible to separate fiction from reality.

Many have started exercise routines and given-up because the desired result was never achieved.

Unfortunately most people are unaware of the impact hormones have on our health status and body composition. Most are unaware of the unintended side effects many prescription medications cause. Some of these side effects affect hormone levels and hormone production within the body. No amount of exercise will counter the effects of hormones.

The mission of this blog is to share with you what I’ve discovered on my journey, to help you achieve and maintain health, to experience high energy in your body, a body in which you are pleased to look upon, even in a mirror.

Follow me as I uncover the truth about maintaining motivation for life long health.

The truth about your body, what nutrients you need for optimal health and where to find them. As we continue on this path together, I will share with you the facts about exercise, why so many are not interested in exercising at all (ever), and what can be done to alter that opinion.

Let me give you a teaser.

If you were a bird with wings and could fly, would you?  Or would you just sit on your perch and look out at the view? I will share with you, how you can grow wings and fly.


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Financial disclosure:  I have no financial interest or ownership in any products I write about.