We’ve been brainwashed and sold into believing medications solve medical issues. They don’t. They treat the symptoms of a health imbalance, but don’t stop the problem of why the issue developed in the first place.

The pharmaceutical industry drives medical policy in hospitals, education curriculum at medical schools, research funding at universities, and the treatment of disease. If you suffer from sinusitis, inflammation of the sinuses, and your doctor gives you an anti-inflammatory medication to treat the inflammation. He/she is prescribing medication to treat the swelling, but not to address the issue of what caused the swelling initially.

The whole core of western medicine is built on a faulty foundation, on the theory that germs and bacteria cause disease; originating from Louie Pasteur, which is not true.

There is a difference between healthy germs and bad germs. Our digestive tract is full of healthy bacteria, extremely necessary to survive and experience vibrant health. We need to learn the difference.

In fact, there are a lot of things we need to learn about our health and how to best care for out bodies. In order to do so, we first must UN-LEARN what we’ve been told to believe before.

As we learn, we become changed.

Our awareness inspires new behaviors, to achieve a new living reality.

You’ve probably heard that knowledge is power. It’s true; and the reverse holds true as well. A lack of knowledge is a lack of power. When you change your conscious mind through learning knowledge, your brain becomes boosted with new abilities and awareness.

If you were to focus learning on how your human body functions – you would learn the true cause of disease. You would know and understand that disease is not caused by germs and bacteria, like what conventional medicine tells us.

Brace yourself! Learn a new reality.

In Columbus’s day, the entire world believed the world to be flat. When Christopher Columbus sailed to the new world and didn’t fall off the planet, a major paradigm shift occurred. Get ready to experience a new major paradigm shift in your thinking and understanding of the world.

We’ve been programmed to be victims, led to believe that we are controlled by our DNA. Not true. We’ve been deceived and left in the dark as consumers. Deliberately deprived of knowledge to keep the cash cow pharmaceutical industry alive.

Drugs don’t heal – they damage, and sometimes kill.

The 3rd largest killer of mankind in the United States is the medical industry – hospitals, physician error, medications, and adverse effects from the medications.

How do we stop the cycle of believing medication commercials? Stop buying the drugs and empower yourself through education.

Join MHAWA. Watch our videos, read the materials, and/or work with a coach.   Gain the knowledge. No longer be deprived of information, like the medical industry wants to keep you. Learn how to control your own health. Stop being a powerless victim and become empowered.

Learning requires frequency and a clear mind. Repetition and practice enables us to utilize new skills and patterns of behavior. We need an adjustment in our consciousness and knowledge base.

We need a mind shift – not a shift in our DNA.

There is no such thing as a cancer gene or heart disease gene – even though mainstream medicine claims there is.

DNA is just a blueprint of your cell. Containing instructions so cells can copy the plan and create an exact duplicate of itself.

It’s our environment (food, stress, exposure to toxins and chemicals) that influences the cells behavior and function; towards health or disease. Disease is really just un-health, an unhealthy cell.

When we provide the proper medium or environment, cells repair themselves. They re-create healthy cells according to the original DNA blueprint. The body can and does heal itself all the time. Millions of new cells are created every day. Look at a cut on your hand or a broken bone. The cut slowly heals itself. The bone, too will heal itself and mend the break.

Using drugs to treat disease does not allow the cell to heal itself.

In fact, it creates a new and different set of problems. Now the immune system gets involved and has to deal with (search, identify, and destroy) a foreign chemical. Any substance not normally contained or created within the body is not identified as “self” and is not welcome. Non-self, foreign substances are attacked.

This leads to other problems: inflammation, immune system reaction, poisoning, auto-immune disorders, and more, including potential death.

We each must take back the responsibility for caring for our own bodies and health. Your doctor can’t do it for you. The food industry can’t do it for you. Only you can do it. Only you can stamp out disease in your body.

Take responsibility today.

Stop being a victim. Re-claim you right and your duty, especially if you are a parent.

Now that you know these things, you are now responsible for your own life, health and happiness. You are responsible for what happens to you. If you develop cancer because of your poor choices to eat artificially colored processed food, or give it to your children – you are responsible. Not the food manufacturer – YOU. We’ve informed you – so now you know.

Take this knowledge and learn more. Begin the revolution towards empowerment. Boost your brain’s ability to learn and retain all this information. Become M-powered – through MHAWA.