Work. Family. House. Transportation. Cooking. Exercise. Computers. Social Media. Entertainment. News. OVERLOAD!

Overload of information in daily life – Basically, life overload.

How much information can we handle? Can too much information be bad for our health and well being? How much is too much?

Have you ever noticed how often we have to re-learn something, just to keep the status quo? For example, every time a new cellphone model is released, we have to learn how to use the new features. Or every time a software update is released, we have to learn the new system. Learning how to use a smart television can test our patience. Even learning how to use Facebook or a new app, bring frustrating challenges.

Are these deliberately designed this way?

Are these deliberately designed to drive us crazy? I already have enough to do. I can barely keep up.

I think about the Google Adwords process. For those of you who don’t know, a few years ago Google changed the format of how ads could be developed and placed on their search engine site. From one day to the next, the whole system changed. And the process ad developers used prior was instantaneously obsolete.

They were given notice, of course, this change was coming. In fact, quite a profitable business opportunity popped up because of it. Ad developers had to take classes to learn the new system and the classes were not free.

Now perhaps the new ad system is markedly improved and the change warranted. Most of Google’s users, did not detect any change at all in how ads appear on their device screens. I hope in the future, for the developer’s sake, future changes are easy and require no special expensive training.

Why is money such a strong motivator?

Why is money such a strong motivator? I know we need money to buy things we need; that’s obvious. But, why such an overwhelming desire to attain as much as possible? When will be content with what we have and stop buying stuff we really don’t need?

There are days I crave for simplicity; and lead me to think about what I can cut out of my life, to make it simple once again.

What information is really important in life?

Have you ever stopped to think about what is really important in life? To think, what do I really need to live and exist?

I know television and marketing influence us to believe we need more than we really do. Seriously, do we really need scented trash can liners, to make our trash smell good? It’s trash for gosh sakes! It’s going in the garbage dump, where EVERYTHING smells bad!

When we stop and really think about it, we realize we need oxygen. We need to breath or we die.

We also need water. We would die in about 3 days with no water to drink.

We need sleep. Our brain needs rest to fully recover and reinforce learning.

Ok, so now we are up to three items that we really need to sustain life. Are there any others? Yes, I think so. We need food. We could fast for about 40 days and still be alive, but soon without nutrients, we would feel weak, have trouble functioning, and eventually die.

Could we live and thrive alone on a deserted island eating just any food? No, not really. We could live, but we wouldn’t thrive. We would need protein, fat and carbohydrates for optimal health. We could survive by eating only avocados (healthy fat), but we wouldn’t be healthy. We could survive by eating only eggs (protein), but again we would not maintain optimal health for very long. We could survive by eating only pineapple (carbohydrates), yet again health would be compromised because protein and fat would be missing.

What else do we really need?

We need clothes. Clothes are nice. I really don’t want to go to work naked. And pants and sweaters are nice in the winter to keep warm. In fact, I really do need some type of protective covering to keep me alive during freezing cold temps. And we could argue, they are equally important to protect us from sun exposure and sunburn.

What about the type of clothing we need? Is there a difference between a need and a want? I need shoes, but do I need Air Jordans or Nike when any basic tennis shoe would suffice? What makes some people want Air Jordans or Nike, when others have no idea what it is? Would it be safe to say, shoes are a “need”- yet the brand of shoe, such as Air Jordan or Nike is a “want?” “Wants” are influenced by marketing and the people in which we come into contact.

What about Shelter?

Could we live without shelter? Yes we could, but it would not be ideal. Shelter provides a lot of comfort. And obviously there are many different types of shelter at a wide range of cost. From a $25 pup tent to an $20 million mansion. Both serve the basic need of shelter, yet provide vastly different amenities.

I find it interesting so many people want tiny houses now. The popularity of these small homes has skyrocketed recently.

There is a lot to be said for low maintenance. With every feature, whether mechanical or electronic, there always exists the possibility of break down. With more features, more things malfunction or wear out.

Simplicity of information.

With the first day of spring, I feel compelled to write about simplicity. Doing more with less. Cleaning out things I don’t use anymore. I want to utilize my time wisely. There are only 24 hours in a day. I want to do things I enjoy with people I enjoy being with. I have no time to watch reality shows; I live my own reality everyday, and it keeps me quite entertained.

I choose to spend my time doing activities that enhance my life and make it better, healthier, and more rewarding.

How much information can we handle? Can too much information be bad for our health and well being? How much is too much?

When I begin to feel stressed out or lose my joy; I know I have reached my limit on how much information I can handle. Too much information can be damaging; it leaves me feeling inadequate, leads to stress, and poor sleep. Look for similar signs in your life to detect how much information is too much for you.

Remember, we control where we spend our time and how much information we let in. We are in control with our choices. Our choices determine our well being.