The second week of April is Arizona Bike Week. Motorcycles and people from all over the country descend upon the Phoenix metro area to bask in the warm spring weather; share a passion for motorcycles; make new friends; eat and drink; and for some, to party.  The choices made this week bring consequences – either good or bad. 

I generally do not drink alcohol. I might enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, but typically I steer clear of intoxicating beverage. I consider myself an inspirational coach and athlete more than anything. I like feeling good and looking good. This may not sound humble, and I’m not saying it to brag; but I love, not looking my age. It reinforces my life choices, to live healthy, and grows my desire to continue when people are shocked by my real age.

I made poor choices.

Over the weekend I drank alcohol and I ate poor quality food. I didn’t sleep soundly, nor for long enough. I probably had 5 hours one night and 6 the other.

The Monday after, I could feel the difference in my body and brain. My thoughts weren’t coming as quickly as normal. My memory was a bit foggy, and I really had to force my mind to focus to accomplish tasks that normally come quite easy.

I looked in the mirror. I aged two years in two days from the looks of my face. My skin was dry, probably due to dehydration from the alcohol. My normally healthy glow was gone. My eyes, normally a crisp, crystal-clear, bright blue, were dull.

Experiencing the consequences of my choices.

My cardio workout was impacted. The energy reserves were less than normal. I had to knock the intensity level down two notches, from level 8 to level 6. At the gym, my tricep muscles quivered under the strain of the weights. I had the strength, lifting two 55 pound dumbbells on the flat bench, but I was off. I could feel less power, less control.

I suffered for what I put in my body over the weekend, and it’s not worth it. Every choice has consequences – good or bad. Yet, it’s very true – what I do today will impact how I look and feel tomorrow. I’d rather look good and feel good everyday – rather than party. I’d rather feel great every day, instead of enjoying a few hours of frivolous fun, and paying for it the next day. I don’t feel terrible, but I can tell the difference. I’m just off, a little bit, but I am off, and I don’t like it. I’m not my normal best and it stinks. It’s not worth it.

Do we really understand the power of our choices?

What really give me pause to think – is how others may feel who have never led a healthy style of life. I’ve always lived rather healthfully, and even in so doing – just recently discovered I have high levels of several toxins in my body. Thankfully, I just underwent a two month detoxification and re-nourish process. If I thought I felt good before, OMG! What a difference! What an improvement!

Anyone living today, more than likely, unless deliberate steps are taken on a a regular basis to detoxify, is so full of toxins and inflammation, their health is negatively impacted.

Everyone can become a better version of self; If they know how. Join MHAWA. We will teach, encourage, and coach you. We love helping people become their absolute best self. It’s not difficult and don’t be afraid. We will be with you every step of the way. Choose Optimal Health!