Toned and ripped lean muscle fitness body builder flexing.

What? Dwayne, The Rock’s BMI claims he is Obese? Who says? Are they crazy? He’s not fat; He’s muscular and symmetrical.

Responding to Men’s Health April 23, 2015 article, Why Dwayne Johnson is Technically Obese.

So what’s this all about anyway? If truth be told, I have been obese for most of my adult life, as well, according to the BMI. But I don’t have rolls of fat and a stomach hanging over my belt, either. Most individuals who have participated in strength building sports have greater a muscle mass than the average non-athlete. Football players, wrestlers, shot putters, weight lifters, are more likely to have greater quantities of muscle than their non-athlete counterparts. In addition, some people are just born this way; with large and solid physiques.
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