Yes, there are real issues. Awareness grows. Continuing to protest and complain is not going to solve the problems. It’s time to come together and work on solutions. Just as NHL Hockey player, J. T. Brown announced on Oct 19 2017, he will “end his protest and put energy towards doing real work in the community”. He gets it. He knows. It’s time to move on and start working towards solutions.

Our culture and family upbringing shape how we view the world and events.  We each have a unique perspective. We share much in common with some groups and hardly anything with others. None of this affects the reality that we are all humans sharing this time and space. We need to find a way to work together and cooperate or we will self destruct.

Show love, respect, and kindness.

Brain Power

Brain power improves our ability to brain storm and work together creating new strategies for success in relationships, work, and individual well being. We want to be the solution. We want to empower people’s brains to overcome the difficulties, obstacles, and problems. Unleash your brain power. Be mind powered. Be M – powered. MHAWA powered. Develop your cognitive abilities, affirm positive attitudes, grow enthusiasm, advance your future, shape your destiny.

Choose self enhancement through a better brain .


MHAWA focuses on empowering people through improved brain health & cognitive function.  We’ll show you how. Learn which living practices and nutrition strategies accomplish Maximum Brain Power.

Funds raised go towards creating Wellness Gardens and Good Life Centers in communities across the U.S. We too, just as J. T. Brown, desire to do real work in the community.  We’re starting in Arizona, building a gathering place where people can come together to learn skills to experience improved health, well being and quality of life. Good Life Centers offer complimentary workshops on topics such as organic gardening, food storage & canning, cooking classes, menu planning, parenting classes,  marriage enhancement, CPR education, financial wellness, nutrition education, brain health, and more.

Help spread solutions. Go to Join Now or Donate. Make a difference. Be the difference. Do it now.