renee-latour-teamHi there, I’m Renee La Tour and I am here to help you become the you of your dreams by starting with the foundation: your wellness. As you know, all the happiness and successes in life mean nothing if you don’t have your health. My goal is help discover what wellness means to you and live the lifestyle you aspire to have.

My passion of realizing my personal wellness and serving and teaching others stems from witnessing an immense amount of suffering in my childhood. As the youngest child of four to a single mother, I saw a lot of emotional pain in my family that was masked by addiction to food and drugs. I realized how easy it is for fully capable people to fall into addictions instead of getting to the truth of the root cause of the pain. Because of this, I was driven to discover my truths about wellness and I am excited to help you discover yours!

My journey to MHAWA began by discovering what I was being called to do and sharing my passions with others. By deeply sharing my passion to help others with a dear friend, I was introduced to Marlene and a beautiful opportunity with MHAWA to serve. For me, MHAWA is an avenue to help even more people find their truth about wellness and well-being.

I look forward to meeting you where you are in your wellness journey and walk alongside you as you make incredible change in your life through education, encouragement and empowerment provided by this phenomenal coaching program.