My journey in life to the point of founding My Health and Wellness Advisor has been an interesting one. I’ve done more “wrong” things, than “right” in an attempt to reach my health, fitness, and wellness goals.  That’s not a bad thing, though. I know what it feels like to fail. I know what it feels like to binge after falling off a diet. I know what it feel like to starve myself in an attempt to get thin.  I know how it feels to exercise for four hours a day in an attempt to lose body fat. I know how hard it is to find out what finally works and brings success.

This journey has given me a wide range of experiences in helping a wide variety of people. Everyone is unique. Every body is different. What works for me, may not work for you. I have been given an amazing opportunity through my experiences; I have learned how to guide people to discover the unique physical and bio-chemical make-up of their own bodies; and how to use that information to establish and achieve their personal wellness goals.

My journey has taken me from California, to Arizona, to Costa Rica, and back to Arizona.  I competed in my first bodybuilding contest in Arizona at the age of 36 in an attempt to get in shape after having three children. I continued competing while living in Costa Rica and stopped at the age of 50. I’ve acted as nutrition coach & personal trainer to bodybuilders, physique competitors, and athletes preparing for the Olympic trials. I’ve helped clinically obese individuals lose weight; diabetic clients reverse diabetes; and thin people who can never seem to gain weight, gain weight. I have coached clients to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and reduce triglycerides without the use of prescription medications. I have facilitated in pre-marital and post-marital relationship issues with couples. I have conducted seminars, workshops, and classes on the topics of nutrition, lifestyle, activity, stress management, cooking, sleep, exercise, and more.

I’ve witnessed my clients turn sorrow into joy, fear into confidence, and despair turned into hope for the future. I love that! I love turning lives around for the better. I love seeing my clients even years later, still living healthy and following the habits they learned while working with me. That’s what tickles me and gets me to jump out of bed everyday. I love helping people to become their own personal best – At home, work, school, with family, and in their relationships. After all, this is life … and we might as well make it a good one.

Perhaps you are wondering, what specifically inspired me to start My Health and Wellness Advisor? After my husband, children and I returned to the states from living in Costa Rica, I began working as a health coach for a wellness organization and was responsible for six corporate accounts and interacted with over a thousand individual clients.

I learned the quality of coaching and accuracy of the health information presented varied from coach to coach. Some coaches were so-so, some were good, and some were excellent. After observing the inward and outward workings of this particular wellness organization, it became very apparent that all director wanted was a semi-qualified body to fill the position. When I was asked to give presentations on the topic of nutrition, in all instances, I was instructed to use the materials prepared by the organization’s office. After reading through the materials, I could tell they were clearly outdated and no longer relevant or entirely true. I could not, in good conscious, in any way present information that I knew to be incorrect. I would have been a fraud and betrayed the trust of my clients. I knew I would have to one day, start my own organization. One where trust and reputable science reigned supreme.

After a few years of observing how well my clients responded to coaching and witnessing first hand the awesome improvements in health, life quality and individual happiness; I began to think that coaching needs to be made more widely available to all people across our country. As I learned more about the scientific studies proving the effectiveness of health coaching, it became firmly entrenched in my mind, that I must do something.

Eighty-six percent of all health care spending in 2010 was for people with one or more chronic medical conditions, and the leading causes of these conditions can be traced to lifestyle factors — principally smoking, diet, and physical activity.  Since, health coaching has been proven to be the absolute best method for people to implement lifestyle changes, leading to improved health; it logically follows that it will also reduce the need for health treatments and their associated costs.

If we truly want to improve the health of our citizens and reduce the financial strain of health care on our nation, we must reach the unhealthy people who need to make lifestyle changes and improve their health outlook the most. Enter My Health and Wellness Advisor – a real time solution to a lingering problem that cannot be fixed by doctors, insurance companies, or the government.

My Health and Wellness Advisor goes out into the community, seeking people who can benefit from health and nutrition information presented by a caring coach, who inspires change; and yet is there through the difficult times, when clients want to give up; to give support and encouragement, to get clients back on track.

It is my hope you will share in our goal to spread wellness, by becoming a member or making a donation. This is The Wellness Revolution.

Thank you,