maria-depasquale-halverson-teamHello and welcome to MWAHA. It’s both an honor and pleasure to be part of an organization operating purely from and with a heart of service. My name is Maria DePasquale Halverson. I am a 48 year old Sicilian/American twice married woman and a recent graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Today my official title is Health Coach but throughout my 25 year career I have also been a strength coach, a corrective exercise specialist, a naturopathic intern, and if you go way back, a group fitness leader. Collectively, I sincerely believe these experiences have well prepared me to now serve as your guide on the side as you embark on the powerful journey toward discovering your path to optimal health and wellness.

No one way of eating or exercising fits all. In fact, one person’s food and exercise may be another’s poison. My goal is to function as mentor and confidant. Together we will help you find your groove. It has taken quite a while to get to where I am and by no means am I perfect. I assure you I have stumbled greatly along the way, suffered hardship and endured devastating losses. My true gift to you lies in giving to you what others so generously gave to me which was hope, wise guidance, and the opportunity to be heard so that I could discern for myself what was right for me. Life is a long time. I want to help you find the best way for you to live it.