kathleen-litton-teamI grew up mostly in Southern California the daughter of a preacher and a nurse. I always knew I wanted to be a nurse and help other people. After I became an RN I took care of kids with cancer for 14 yrs. Then I went to grad school to become a Nurse Practitioner in order to help people more and to try to work on prevention with patients in order to stop trying to patch the holes and prevent them instead. I chose to work with the underserved that often don’t get much preventive care. I still spent most of my time trying to save sinking ships but really tried to educate and support patients in how not to develop some of the health problems that would inevitably come their way if they didn’t make some changes now. That is part of why I support MHAWA. I believe in what it stands for and have great faith in its leadership.

I now live in Denver and enjoy the healthy lifestyle in the area- good food, biking, hiking, and skiing. We moved here to help look after our 3 grandkids. They also help keep us young and we help to lead them down a path of health and wellbeing also.