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Take control over your own health. “We must eat according to the dictates of our intelligent brain, understanding the nutritional needs of our cells and systems – and not according to our tastebuds or fall victim to the desires of our eyes.”

Our Purpose

To bring awareness – In the U.S., the health care system is the 3rd greatest killer of mankind; Life expectancy rates are decreasing; and poor health status tends to be determined by low levels of education and income.

Our Vision

To create a community of support, working to fortify our members with optimal health and powerful brains to enhance memory and learning skills, leading to higher levels of education and greater earnings. 

Our Mission

Through our site and community events, educate, encourage and empower people to take back control over their health. To inspire positive change and provide practical healthy living solutions to sustain abundant life. 

When our health and wellness are not optimal, we are influenced to believe these symptoms and feelings must be “normal”. In today’s society, so many have become convinced by advertisers that we NEED energy drinks, caffeine, antidepressants, sleep aids (among many other foreign substances) in order function; that these biologically toxic products are the solution to our problems. The reality is if we provide our bodies and minds with the proper balance of nutrition and healthy habits, we will achieve perfect HARMONY. It is within this harmony where ideal brain health and wellness lie. Through us, gain the knowledge & encouragement you need to become empowered – to take control over your own health, and experience optimal well being.

What Sets Us Apart - Creating Solutions

“WE” the people need to know the health care system is responsible for over 600 deaths per day, due to medical errors and medication side effects, and to understand the true cause of disease. The current structures of the health care and food supply systems are not sustainable. Clean resources of water, air, soil, and seed are failing, threatening our future. We are surrounded and infiltrated by toxic poisons. Costs are skyrocketing and huge masses are uninsured. Children using anti-depressants! How much more can we take?  

It is time to act! We need to wake up, look and see what is going on. We put the power back into the hands of people. Our clients maximize their brain function and learning abilities to break free from the poverty cycle trap, and begin afresh to start living a new existence filled with vitality and an opportunity to gain improved education and higher paying careers. Become an active participant in your health. Learn how to develop the RIGHT solution that works best for you and/or your family. 

We are excited for you to begin your journey and deeply value the trust you place in us to make your journey a successful one. We understand each person’s health and circumstances are unique; we take time to understand all the details so we can provide the BEST guidance for YOU. At MHAWA, we KNOW educated and empowered individuals achieve better health versus those who are uninformed and merely given authoritative orders.


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I got up to 141 pounds right after Christmas!!! So I started on the diet last Tuesday, and I am at 134.5 today. I’d like to get to my “fighting weight” of 125. I don’t feel comfortable with the 130s, but I’ll be realistic too. Getting rid of body fat, but not starving myself and exercising regularly.


I’ve finally made the connection and am seeing great results. I value everything you’ve taught me re: sticking w/the Paleo diet to lose weight and your juicing info was so helpful. I got the machine last weekend, made a carrot, parsley, apple juice the next night and next am and have been inflammation free ever since. I had no idea and now I’m the family advocate for fresh veggie juice.


Woo-Hoo! Thank you so much for all of your guidance, motivation and information to help me achieve my goal. I can’t wait to see you again! I have been sticking to my regular routine but am thinking I might need to step it up a bit, we’ll discuss it when you come see us.


I have been eating 6xday with 13grams of protein in each meal since we met. I feel better already! I am less bloated, I have continued drinking water, my scale says I have lost 5 lbs! I am still having my protein shake for breakfast and then around 7pm. I have found that I am no longer craving carbs as I used to in fact I feel less “hungry” than I used to.


A few months ago you gave me a couple recommendations and it has gone quite well for me since then. I have gone from 181 lbs., 22% fat (50 lbs.) and 78% muscle mass to 248 lbs. with 20% body fat and 80% of muscle mass, which is without the usage of steroids. I have gained 17.4 new pounds of muscle and lost 2% fat. I have been training hard and thoroughly. I have appreciated your feedback!

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